Microsoft meldt de toevoeging van de zogenaamde Memory layout view

Microsoft meldt de toevoeging van de zogenaamde Memory layout view welke the layout van C++ beter lan visualiseren en structureren in Visual Studio 2022 versie 17.9 Preview 1. In de vorige versie (17.8alligment of classes, , structuren, ujnions, bases types en Enums.

  • The visualization tools provide C++ developers with valuable insights into the memory occupancy of data structures and their alignment in memory.
  • Previously, developers had to write additional code or use the /d1 MSVC compiler switches to calculate the size and alignment for each element.
  • Developers can access the Memory Layout visualization by hovering over type names in declarations or definitions to gather insights into individual data members’ offsets and sizes.
  • Microsoft believes the feature will improve code efficiency and comprehension for C++ developers and make it easier to work with memory management and data structures.