James Montmagno bevestigt FUTURETECH 2024

James Montmagno van Microsoft bevestigt zijn komst naar de FutureTech 2024.  En daar zijn wij als SDN best trots op. James zal een Keynote geven tijdens de FutureTech Conferentie van 17 April as in de Jaarbeurs te Utrecht.

Title: The AI, Cloud-Native, Run Anywhere Future of .NET

.NET is vast, open, constantly growing, and has an ever-evolving ecosystem that millions of developers around the world are leveraging to build applications for virtual on any platform across cloud, web, mobile, desktop, AI, ML, IoT, and more. Develop on any operating system you would like, with the tools you love, and the cloud you desire, .NET is world class, productive, performant, and ready for what comes in the future. .NET 8 is the latest release and is unlocking new scenarios for developers as AI and cloud-native development continue to change the world around us, and .NET 8 unlocks this new opportunity for developers to grasp. Let’s talk about this new future that we are living in and how to leverage .NET 8 everywhere.

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