SDN Collective Membership

For all your .NET & Microsoft technology professionals


Did you know that you as business partner of the SDN can take over the personal SDN memberships of your .NET professionals very easily?

As Microsoft Technology User Group the SDN’s main goal is professionalizing her members via knowledge sharing. Being a member of the SDN gives access to various meet-ups, newsletters, podcasts, conferences and of course SDN Magazine. That’s why every .NET/C#/Azure or other Microsoft technology professional in the Netherlands should join of the SDN.

You as bussiness partner

Besides creating visibility and working on your branding in the .NET ecosystem via your participation at the SDN conferences and on our communication channels. It’s beneficial to show your employees you take their knowledge and skill development serious. Show off that you care with our brand new “Proud Member of SDN” sticker which you can show on your website.

We want to service you in the best way possible. That’s why we proudly introduce the SDN Collective Membership.

SDN Collective Membership Service

It’s very simple. As partner you can easily subscribe all your .NET employees to the SDN:

  • The personal membership of your C#, Azure, .NET or other Microsoft Technology professionals will be taken care of in one go by you as employer. No more individual handling per employee!
  • New employees will get a SDN membership as part of your fringe benefits.
  • One time a year, you will get an invoice with all the names of your employees in the attachements.
  • You check the invoice for the amount of employees and their names. Any corrections? Please let us know within 2 weeks of receiving the invoice.
  • You give your SDN employees the possibility to increase skills and gain easy access to information by becoming part of the SDN.
  • The more employees you subscribe with the SDN Collective Membership programme, the higher the discount.

For more information, call or email your SDN contact: Richelle Bussenius