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50 shades of .NET on AWS

One question I hear often from .NET developers is: “how can I host my .NET application on AWS?”. I systematically answer: “It depends”. In this article, I will walk you through the decision tree to use for deciding the best option to host your .NET application on AWS. Author: Francois Bouteruche At a first glance, my answer may be frustrating …

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Migrating our trusty ol’ .NET Framework applications to AWS, I couldn’t believe it!

Disclaimer I Love My Local Farmer is a fictional company inspired by customer interactions with AWS Solutions Architects. They started a journey from on-premises to the Cloud and share their learnings through their engineering blog on Medium (https://ilovemylocalfarmer.io). Any stories told in this blog are not related to a specific customer. Similarities with any real companies, people, or situations are …

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