TEQnation 2023. The Developer conference, May 17th at DeFabrique in Utrecht.

TEQnation 2023 is coming soon!

We proudly announce our top level speakers, check them out on the TEQnation speaker page. With a line-up consisting of national & international IT guru’s such as Mete Atamel, Michael Coté and Claire Thornewill, TEQnation 2023 promises to be a banger of a conference!

Join us on May 17th at DeFabrique in Utrecht and get your tickets now!

Een selectie wat je kan verwachten op TEQnation 2023:

Computer simulations of social behavior with cellular automata
Daniel Gaszewski

Cellular automata – an underrated model useful in simulations and computer science. Extreamly easy to develop and maintain powerful in use and and an interesting alternative for neural networks or complex ML methods. Try to use those simple cells with changing states and see how useful it is in solving social science issues!

WebAssembly beyond the browser
Mete Atamel

WebAssembly is a technology that allows you to compile code written in over 40 programming languages. Whether Wasm will replace containers remains to be seen but it’s definitely worth learning more about it. Take a look at some examples and tools for working with Wasm on the server side.

Collaborative Software Design: How to facilitate domain modeling decisions – Gien Verschatse & Evelyn van Kelle

Designing a software system and understanding the context is difficult. This talk introduces you to collaborative modelling and its social dynamic challenges. Improved collaboration will let software teams understand the context and underlying problems better, which enables the software teams to design and build sustainable quality software products.

Back to the 80s – NES Assembly programming Workshop
Jeroen Resoort

Have you ever wanted to know how games were being developed back in the 80s? Get to know low-level programming concepts in a fun and exciting way. Luckily, in this workshop we will cheat a bit and use a modern IDE and emulator to get you started quickly. Join this workshop to find out about the magic of 80s technology and learn how to develop games for classic machines.

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